Good Morning Angels: Boitumelong Early Learning Centre receives R25,000 to rebuild

Good Morning Angels: Boitumelong Early Learning Centre receives R25,000 to rebuild

The Boitumelong Early Learning Centre has been a shining beacon in Alexandra township for many years. 

The Boitumelong Early Learning Centre
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BACKGROUND: The school has been part of owner Lunga Ncube’s life forever. It was started by her grandmother, then her mother took over, and now Lunga is the proud and passionate owner of the school, which provides care and education to 92 children between the ages of 18 months and six years. Lunga’s mission is to: “Provide high quality education, nutrition and support to the most disadvantaged children in Alexandra. We believe grassroots education and empowerment plays an essential part in fighting poverty and creating a positive and lasting future for generations to come.”

The school is privately run and funded, with little support from the state. This means that fundraising is an integral part of keeping the school going as the children it serves come from the poorest of poor homes. With the recent heavy rains in Gauteng, the perimeter wall of the school collapsed. A friend and supporter of the school, Liz Senior, reached out to Good Morning Angels to assist Lunga to cover the costs of rebuilding the wall, which is estimated at R25,000. Members of the community have jumped in to help, but they need some more assistance to ensure the safety of the children and the school.

REQUEST FOR: Lunga Ncube and her Boitumelong Early Learning Centre in Alex


ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Lunga with the R25,000 needed to rebuild the wall and whatever else she needs for the children and the school. 


Dear Angels,

There is an amazing school in Alexandra that I am helping … the owner of the school is Lunga. It is the Boitumelong Early Childhood Development Centre that was started by Lunga’s Grandmother, who passed it down to her mother. It is a private school, although they do get a little help from the government. The school cares for more than 90 children, between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. It is a township area and despite the poverty, Lunga gives these children the best possible care and education.

I’m working with Lunga to present Clamber Club classes at the school. She is so passionate and caring and such an inspiration.

My reason for reaching out to you, is because the perimeter wall around the school has fallen down due to the recent heavy rain in the area. 

It is going to cost them R25 000 to rebuild the wall - money they don’t have. I have assisted Lunga and the children during lockdown through an organisation that distributed food to the children, but they cannot help with this request. If 50 people could each help with R500 - the wall can be rebuilt!

I really hope that you would be able to assist Lunga and her beautiful children.

Thank you!

Liz Senior


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