Good Morning Angels: A fire took everything the family had, including the life of their beloved granny

Good Morning Angels: A fire took everything the family had, including the life of their beloved granny

In the early hours of 20 August 2020, a fire destroyed their family home in Hartbeespoort. 

Cobus GMA

BACKGROUND: Cobus Verwey, his wife, in-laws, grandfather, and grandmother lived in the house. The three generations lived together in the grandparent’s home for some three years to save money and for safety reasons, so they can look out for one another. Cobus and his wife, Christine, woke up just before three in the morning to a loud bang… and then they heard the screams. A fire had broken out in the part of the home where the parents were sleeping. The smoke was thick and everywhere. Cobus, Christine, and their father went to where their grandparents were. Christine got caught in the smoke and Cobus searched for her. She was unconscious and revived outside. 

They all managed to get out, however, their grandmother passed away from smoke inhalation. Everything was destroyed. The house was insured, but the process to get any pay-out and rebuild a home will take moths. The family are living in a shelter at the moment. They’ve received donations of clothing, some essential appliances, and furniture from the community. Cobus lost his job in January and Christine cannot work due to ill health. Her mom-in-law is working, but they are battling with the basics like food and daily living expenses. Cobus also wants to do a course to improve his work skills… and that’s why he wrote to Good Morning Angels for assistance.

REQUEST FOR: Cobus Verwey and family 

ANGEL: LottoStar … with love

SPONSORING: LottoStar is joining forces with Good Morning Angels with a special "With Love” fund to give added assistance to as many people as possible during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. From this fund, LottoStar will assist Cobus and the family with R25,000 to help them with essentials and supplies while they rebuild their lives after the fire and loss of his grandmother.
Cobus family GMA 4 september


Good Day Angels.

Hello my name is Cobus Verwey and I need your help. On the night of 19th August our house caught fire during the morning hours it was 2:45 the morning. We heard a loud banging noise and woke up. We heard our parents screaming “help we are stuck and the house is burning?" I ran to the back of the burning house to break a window. My wife went inside to assist. We were able to get them out. My wife was caught in the smoke and faded. I ran inside to get her out - she was unconscious. Me and my father were able to get her out and revived her. After about 45 minutes the whole house was in flames and spreading. My grandparents were with us that time. We were able to get my grandfather out. My grandmother passed away that morning due to the smoke. We lost everything. We would be grateful for any assistance from the Angels.



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