Good Morning Angels: Help for a young widow and her two children

Good Morning Angels: Help for a young widow and her two children

The GMA Fund will assist Bianca with R35,000 on behalf of the Jacaranda FM listeners. 

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BACKGROUND: Bianca van Staden, 25, gave birth to her daughter, Diané, on 17 June this year, with her husband, Tiaan, by her side. They were ecstatic and happy. Together with their 22-month-old son, Biaan, their little family was complete. They looked forward to a happy future in Modimolle, where Tiaan grew up and had his own tyre business. Two weeks later, Tiaan felt a little ill and got antibiotics for flu and he tested positive for COVID-19.

His condition deteriorated and Tiaan was admitted to hospital - the same hospital where they welcomed little Diané to the world exactly a month before. Despite being a strong, fit 32-year-old, Tiaan’s condition took a turn for the worse and he was transferred to a Pretoria-North hospital where he was placed on a ventilator. In the early hours of 26 July, Tiaan passed away, with Bianca by his side. His last words to her were, “Dankie, Love”. 

Bianca’s perfect future with her husband and children turned to grief, loss, and despair. They did not even get time to take a family picture together. Tiaan was the breadwinner, but did not have a will or life policies and Bianca is very worried about their financial future. She had to find a job very quickly, for a minimum salary.

Although they have a medical aid, there are many co-payments outstanding for Tiaan and her son Biaan’s grommets a few weeks before Diané was born. Little Diané also has to receive vaccinations that are not covered by their medical aid and that’s why Bianca turned to Good Morning Angels for assistance.

REQUEST FOR: Bianca van Staden

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: On behalf of the Jacaranda FM listeners, the GMA Fund will assist Bianca with R35,000 to cover the outstanding medical costs for her husband, son, and baby daughter.


Good day

I am 25yrs old. My husband Tiaan (32yrs) passed away on 26 July 2021 due to Covid after 8 days in hospital. We have 2 children. Our son, Biaan is 22 months old. Our baby girl, Diané was born two months ago. Tiaan only enjoyed her for 2 weeks before he fell ill. He was a wonderful man who received much honour. He had his own tyre business and touched so many people and always helped everyone. He always provided for us. 

I went to the hospital the morning before they intubated him, but when they intubated, his lungs collapsed.  

This was so unforeseen, he left us without a will or policy. Luckily we had medical aid, but it is a cheaper option, so some of the expenses weren't covered. 

My boy had grommets a few months ago, and we still have some of those bills outstanding. My baby girl's vaccinations aren't paid by the medical aid and I have the 6 weeks vaccination outstanding and then the upcoming 10 week and 14 week vaccination. 

Currently I am earning R5 500 a month. But I have our vehicle and medical aid and insurance to pay. 

I am currently seeking other employment to provide, but for now I am unsure how these outstanding payments are going to get paid without a larger income.  

I also received a bill of R12 000 from the hospital where my husband died - I have to pay that too.

If there is someone willing to contribute even a small amount to enable me to also take care of our children and pay these outstanding bills, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

Kind regards


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