Good Morning Angels: A helping hand for Bianca and three-month-old baby after husband’s suicide

Good Morning Angels: A helping hand for Bianca and three-month-old baby after husband’s suicide

The young mother lost of her husband, but also has to cope with the demands and responsibility of single motherhood. 

Bianca and three-month-old baby
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BACKGROUND: Bianca Smith is the proud new mom of a friendly three-month-old baby-girl, Shelby. Little Shelby was born less than a year after Bianca married her husband, who turned 30 in May. It was the start of a new chapter for this hairdresser from Pretoria. The joy of the new baby was however overshadowed by a tragic event in November. Bianca’s husband committed suicide in their bedroom. Bianca and Shelby were visiting her mom, when she couldn’t get a hold of her husband and he wasn’t at work either. Bianca went home and found him hanging from the ceiling in their bedroom. 

While Bianca should still be on maternity leave, after the financial set-back lockdown has caused in the hairdressing industry, she moved back in with her mom and keeps life together for the three of them with freelance hairdressing. Bianca’s friend Lenie, wrote to Good Morning Angels to help this young widowed mom, who has lost so much in a time that was supposed to be full of joy preparing for their first Christmas as a family of three.

REQUEST FOR: Bianca Smith 

REQUEST FROM: Lenie Huysen  

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, MD of our fabulous Festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza 

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist Bianca and baby Shelby with R35 000 to pick up their lives after their tragic loss.

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Hi guys, 

I would like to nominate my friend, Bianca Pretorius. Her husband committed suicide on Wednesday (11/11/2020), stress was just to much, their little baby girl (Shelby) is 3 months old. She was the one who found him, they are still young and not even married for a year. He turned 30 in May. 

If anyone can please assist with a food voucher or anything to lift the financial burden. Her world is upside down. 

Please help her.  

Kind Regards

Lenie Huysen 

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