Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition: Cisca Botha ready to conquer varsity

Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition: Cisca Botha ready to conquer varsity

After achieving four distinctions in matric, legally blind Cisca Botha is ready to conquer varsity, with the help of Good Morning Angels' New Year's Edition in partnership with #SabatBatteries.

Cisca Botha Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition

BACKGROUND: 18-year old Cisca Botha from Pretoria was very excited to receive her 2021 matric results. Not only did she pass well - she achieved four distinctions, but what makes this achievement extra special is that Cisca insisted on going to a “normal” school, even though she is legally blind.

She was born with a rare eye condition, which left her with only 5% vision. Cisca started primary school in a mainstream school, but due to her sight difficulties, her mom Angelien decided to rather switch to home schooling. Cisca is an only child and missed a normal school environment: all she wanted was to be back in school like other children.

Her mom found a device, much like a computer screen with a camera, that would enable Cisca to follow instruction in a normal class environment. In 2012, Good Morning Angels assisted Cisca with this device and she resumed school in Grade 3. Now, 10 years later, Cisca is working as a tutor for other children to earn an income and she has been granted a partial scholarship to study Law at Varsity College. This time, Cisca herself reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance with her remaining tuition fees and expenses.

REQUEST FOR: Cisca Botha

ANGEL: Dave Arnold and Corné Strydom representing Sabat Batteries

SPONSORING: Sabat Batteries will assist Cisca Botha with a R50,000 bursary towards her law degree studies at Varsity College.


Dear Angels,

My name is Cisca Botha. I am 18-years-old and was at Hoërskool Pretoria-Noord. With this letter, I am applying for a bursary to assist me in funding my books and a laptop to help me in my study of Bachelors of Law at Varsity College. 

I have applied for a scholarship at Varsity College and I am very grateful that they granted me an excellent scholarship of R50 000 for my first year of study. Please see attached my application letter and my acceptance for a scholarship letter.

However, I still need another R50 000 for the first year, I also need funding for my books and a laptop. It can be as much as R30 000. Anything will help me to get started and I will be so grateful for any help.

My story goes back to 2012.  When I was in grade 3 my mother also asked for help from the Angels. I have a very rare eye condition that I was born with and have only 5% vision. Good Morning Angels helped me to get my much-needed equipment to go back to school. 

There have been so many angels who helped us and all of you are my true angels. Because of you, I was able to perform in academics as I did throughout my school career. I have worked very hard to prove how much I appreciate the people who opened their hearts to me.

I am currently working as a tutor for grade 4 learners at Learn to Shine school in Pretoria. Unfortunately, my salary will not be able to cover any of my studies.

Thank you for the time you take to read my story.

I hope to hear from the famous angels very soon.

Thank you

Cisca Botha

Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition in partnership with #SabatBatteries.

Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition Sabat Batteries

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