Guy Fawkes: 5 Ways to keep your pet safe

Guy Fawkes: 5 Ways to keep your pet safe

Traditionally Guy Fawkes is celebrated with an array of fireworks and sparklers and many pets are so traumatised by the displays.

Scared puppy
Scared puppy/Pixabay

Although it is beautiful and spectacular to watch, fireworks are not without their dangers. Brush up on these 5 safety tips to ensure your pet is safe.

1. Speak to your vet. There are a number of calming remedies for distressed animals. It will certainly lessen the trauma according to …

2. Familiarity

Keep them in a space they love and a room they recognise and are familiar with. It will keep them from running away. Keep the curtains drawn for them to not notice there is a window to escape. Make sure all windows are closed at all times. Making the room noisy will help a lot.

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3. Distract and play!

We don’t know of any pet that does not like to have fun! Have things around the house like toys or treats that will distract them.

4. Whiskas and Pedigree also urge owners of pets to make sure your loved one has a name tag, discs and microchips. If they, in an unfortunate instance run away, they will have tags with phone numbers and current addresses which people can call when they’ve been found.

5. Hydration

Make sure your pet is hydrated!

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Breakfast host, Martin Bester is definitely making sure he has everything put in place to make sure his puppy, Ripley, will be comfortable today. 

Ripley, the dog one
Supplied/Martin Bester

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