How much screen time is acceptable for your child?

How much screen time is acceptable for your child?

It is one way parents can rely on keeping their kids quiet for a while - the screen.

Children screen time

More and more research is pointing to the dangers of children spending too much time in front of their digital devices. What can parents do?

Smartphones and tablets may help keep your kids quiet at home while you work during lockdown, but at what cost. Research indicates that excessive screen time can impede cognitive development in the early years and hinder social interaction.

However, how much screen time is acceptable? The American Academy of Pediatrics has released the following: 

Under 15 months: Children in this age group should not be exposed to screens at all.

15 months to 5 years: 30 - 60 minutes daily under the supervision of an adult. Content matters says psychiatrist Brendan Belsham. Educational shows at a slower pace are preferred.

5-7 years: 30 - 60 minutes daily

7-12 years: 1 hour per day

12 - 15 years: 1 and a half hours a day

16 years and older: 2 hours per day

How much screen time do you allow in your household? 

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