'I have not resigned yet' - Solly Msimanga

'I have not resigned yet' - Solly Msimanga

Solly Msimanga joins Breakfast with Martin Bester after he announced he is stepping down as Mayor.

Solly Msimanga on Breakfast with Martin Bester
Solly Msimanga on Breakfast with Martin Bester/Supplied

South African politician and former mayor of The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Solly Msimanga, joined Martin Bester on Breakfast to discuss pertinent issues in the country, as well as the capital city of South Africa. 

Msimanga exclusively comments about what is going to happen after his resignation, “I have not yet resigned as the Executive Mayor of Tshwane. I have only announced it. After my visit to you, Maritn,  I’m going to interview four possible candidates. One one of the candidates is a woman”


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Msimanga was sworn into office in 2016 - all thanks to a coalition with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This after no political party managed to secure an outright majority at the polls in Tshwane. 

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Msmimanga also Martin Bester he has never had the famous Mayor chain before. He has never seen it nor has he worn it.

Martin Bester and Liesl Laurie made a plan and gifted the Mayor with a pink sash! 

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