"I just have a babelas" - Maties rugby player goes viral

"I just have a babelas" - Maties rugby player goes viral

Have you ever had a night out before doing something important? 

Maties rugby player
Source: Twitter/@FDTOIT

This player definitely painted Stellenbosch red! 

One of the most popular things among students in Stellenbosch is the Varsity Cup and 'koshuis' rugby.

Players from Eendrag, Majuba, Helshoogte, Simonsberg etc. play in the league to be the ultimate varsity team! 

However, sometimes the game plan doesn’t go according to plan. 

A video resurfaced on Twitter of a rugby match where the referee can be heard telling a player, "If your head isn’t right, I’m not going to let you kick. If you have a concussion, I can’t let you play."

The determined player answers, "I just have a babelas."  

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Image credit: Twitter/@FDTOIT 

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