Lawyer sets record straight on triathlete killed by alleged drunk driver

Lawyer sets record straight on triathlete killed by alleged drunk driver

The alleged drunk driver who killed triathlete and Famous Brands executive Andre Piehl was released due to a lack of evidence. Megan Harrington-Johnson from Harrington Johnson Wands (HJW) Attorneys spoke to Martin Bester about the case. 

Andre Piehl

Executive Andre Piehl, who was riding his bike with fellow cyclist Jean Francois du Preez on the R512 near Lanseria on Saturday morning, was struck by a white Porsche SUV.

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Piehl died at the scene while Du Preez was airlifted to hospital in a critical condition. 

Megan Harrington-Johnson from Harrington Johnson Wands (HJW) Attorneys - the law firm representing both victims - said the lack of evidence was due to an error by police handling the arrest.

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“The case is still proceeding, the matter is still being investigated," said Harrington-Johnson.

According to Harrington-Johnson, it seems that there has been a slip-up from the arresting police's side in that they didn’t provide a sufficient docket on Monday morning when the matter was called.

On Monday morning, the docket had only one statement, despite the several eyewitness accounts.

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“There was only one statement in the file and no evidence was presented and on the basis of that the prosecutor couldn’t place the matter and required further evidence from the police,” says Harrington-Johnson.

This has led to the alleged drunk driver being released as he hasn’t been formally charged.

“The man was released on Monday morning, and he wasn’t actually released on bail,” said Harrington-Johnson.

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Harrington-Johnson confirmed that the alleged killer was not rearrested. 

"There were rumours that he was rearrested but that is not the case."

Harrington-Johnson encouraged witnesses to come forward and contact their offices. 

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