Martin Bester wants to be at the royal wedding

Martin Bester wants to be at the royal wedding

Can you get Martin Bester as close to the royal wedding as possible or do you have family or friends who will be a short distance from where the grand ceremony will take place?

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The most-anticipated royal wedding in recent years has people in a frenzy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot at noon at the St George's Chapel in Windsor on Saturday.

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Prince Harry and Meghan have broken the royal rules and opted for a weekend wedding, instead of the usual weekday tradition. We are certainly not complaining, as it means we can watch the incredible wedding on our couch without having to feel guilty about neglecting our office duties.

Breakfast’s Martin Bester wants to know how close he can get to the royal wedding...

Some listeners aren't that excited about the royal wedding, but we're sure they'll change their mind come Saturday.

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