Mom accidentally hired stripper for daughter's Barbie party

Mom accidentally hired stripper for daughter's Barbie party

A TikTok user revealed how her mom accidentally hired a Barbie stripper for her fifth birthday party.

Julia TikTokker
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The new 'Barbie' movie has made waves across the globe, which prompted many to relive their childhood memories of the fashionable doll. 

One TikTok user shared one of her first memories of the doll in a recent video. 

In the video, Julia (joolia_go0lia) revealed that she loved the famous doll so much that she wanted a Barbie-themed fifth birthday party (like many other girls that age). 

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While getting ready to see the 'Barbie' movie, Julia shares how her parents accidentally hired an adult entertainer for her party.

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"My mom says that she hired someone from the phone book," said Julia.

"And back then, you’d just look in the phone book for entertainers."

When 'Barbie' arrived at the party, they quickly realised that she was actually a stripper.

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Luckily for her and all the attendees, the woman just played along the entire time.

"She did not take off her clothes. I followed her around, thrilled that Barbie came to my birthday party," added Julia.

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