SA retailer sends can of baked beans to space to celebrate Leap Day

SA retailer sends can of baked beans to space to celebrate Leap Day

South African retailer Game is making history this Leap Day.


South Africa's rebellious retailer, Game, is known for colouring outside the lines when it comes to its marketing campaigns and activations. 

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As part of its 2024 Leap Day campaign, the retailer has sent an iconic South African staple, Koo Baked Beans, to space.

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Game will be the first local retailer to do this, making history again. 

The product will be launched from Game's Potchefstroom store using a custom weather balloon, ensuring the launch and trip are eco-friendly. 

Once the product has reached a certain height - it will come back down, ensuring no damage and remnants are left behind.

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The whole trip will be filmed and monitored and has been meticulously planned to ensure safety is always maintained.   

"Koo baked beans are unquestionably one of our customers' most favourite products across the country. The sales of essential groceries and pantry items continues to increase, as our shoppers focus on stocking their pantries, feeding their families and treating themselves in the most cost effective way possible. This is what inspired us to use an essential product for this exciting activation," explains Michelle Kemp, External Communications Manager for Game.   

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