SA mom loses it after daughter asks for R800 for Tinder Gold

SA mom loses it after daughter asks for R800 for Tinder Gold

You don't need to understand Afrikaans to know exactly what this aunty is saying.

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We think it’s safe to say that when parents say they will do anything for their children, they don't really mean anything. 

Like paying R800 for their child to find on love Tinder... or at least this is true for one South African mom.

A TikToker whose entire account is devoted to tormenting her mom for her own (and our) entertainment, recently shared a video asking her dad for R800 to pay for exclusive Tinder access.

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"Tinder is usually free, neh, but if you wanna see who's liked your profile, you have to sign up, and it"s R800 to see who likes your profile." 

Note how she didn't ask her mom, but that did not stop the aunty from giving her two cents. 

The lady known as Mama Bear by her daughter's TikTok followers quickly shut down the request with a few hilarious responses, leaving social media users in tears. 

Even Papa Bear, the TikToker's dad, wasn't safe from the aunty's wrath as she threatened to not speak to him again should he agree to pay for the request. 

Watch here: 

@mamabearvaldaf A band new week😮‍💨🥳 #mamabearvalda #papabearshaun #falteinfamily #pranksonmamabearvalda #tinder ♬ original sound - Kara

Mama Bear's responses were all in Afrikaans, but you don't really need to understand Afrikaans to know exactly what she was saying. 

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"I understood every word, and I don't understand Afrikaans. baaie morsag vir eidal," commented South African icon Somizi.

"Why do I understand this Afrikaans, but I didn't understand the one at school," commented another user. 

The video has put a smile on over 700,000 people’s faces and garnered over 40,000 likes.

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Image: TikTok/Screenshot


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