South Africa’s best cocktail spots in 2021

South Africa’s best cocktail spots in 2021

La Boqueria visited Breakfast with Martin Bester to show us exactly how a cocktail can be made! 

Breakfast with Martin Bester cocktail
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Some restaurants are known for their cocktails, either by way of preparation, design or concept and delivery. 

It is an experience tasting something you’ve never tasted before, especially if it is made with love! 

Breakfast with Martin Bester is looking for the best cocktail in Gauteng. 

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La Boqueria visited the Breakfast show on Thursday morning. 

La Boqueria is situated in Parktown North, an iconic eatery with sublime food and décor to match.

The Hispanic-style restaurant makes you feel as though you’re sitting bar-side in Barcelona – complete with lazily spinning ceiling fans, hanging macramé plants, lush greenery, and on-trend furnishings.

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It’s a treat for the senses and the taste buds. However, can they teach us a thing or two about a cocktail? 

Jonno whipped up an exclusive Breakfast with Martin Bester cocktail!

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