"Take responsibility for your reality." - John Sanei

"Take responsibility for your reality." - John Sanei

Are you lacking motivation this morning? You’re going to want to hear this!

John Sanei on Breakfast with Martin Bester
John Sanei on Breakfast with Martin Bester/Jacaranda FM

How big, bold, and courageous are your questions about your future? This is the question John Sanei asks. 

Do you have a tried and tested morning routine win? 

Martin Bester asked Sanei to join Breakfast with Martin Bester to give us the best Monday motivation we could ever get!

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John Sanei is a trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He consults globally to top brands and businesses among a wide range of industries.

John Sanei says, "Wake up and take responsibility for your reality. Don't wait for anyone. The people who're making waves are the people who're not waiting for someone else to make it happen for them. Research what makes you excited. Take a moment and answer this question,'what makes you excited?'"

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John ends off by saying, "Many people focus on ‘to do lists’. Do you focus on your ‘to-be lists?"

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