What is the most googled recipe in South Africa?

What is the most googled recipe in South Africa?

Google has released their annual list of trending searches in 2018. What have South Africans been searching for?

Google search Breakfast
Google search Breakfast/Pixabay

South Africans have a strong interest in local celebrities, current news, and events happening in their area. That's according to the search history of the country's internet users.

South Africans, however, also love good food! Google released the ‘most googled recipe’ results and we have to say - we agree!

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Martin Bester was surprised that there weren’t more dessert recipes searched for.

Breakfast with Martin Bester revealed the most googled recipe on the internet. 


Oxtail Wikimedia
Oxtail pot/ Wikimedia

The Top 10 list of most Googled recipes in South Africa:

1. Oxtail recipes

2. Cake recipes

3. Cocktail recipes

4. Butternut recipes

5. Salad recipes

6. Stir fry recipes

7. Biscuit recipes

8. Easy dessert recipes

9. Sweet potato recipes

10. Chicken breast recipes

What recipes have you googled before?

Let Martin Bester know in the comments section below.

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