This is why tomatoes are so scarce and expensive

This is why tomatoes are so scarce and expensive

Have you experienced a hike in food prices recently? 

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Doing the weekly essential grocery run has turned out to be more stressful than ever.

Heavy rainfall across parts of South Africa, continuing on 24 March, has resulted in a shortage of tomatoes - prices have increased as a result. 

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The quality of tomatoes produced of late have taken a hit after Limpopo and Mpumalanga experience heavy rains and flooding in the early months of the year.

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The current shortage is reportedly temporary.  Managing director of agricultural information group Agrimark Trends (AMT), Dr Johnny Van Der Merwe, explains that a record price of R16.82 per kilogram was reached on the market by mid-March. In video shared via Netwerk24, he mentions that the high-quality tomatoes prices breached R30/kg.

One of the last big price increases South Africa experienced was the price hike in ginger and non-alcoholic beverages in January. The reason for the escalation in price came as a result of an increase in demand and a shortage of supply. 

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