You can now take a selfie with the famous blue ‘San Pablo’ couch

You can now take a selfie with the famous blue ‘San Pablo’ couch

Despite attempts to repair the famous San Pablo couch, it could never be restored to its former glory.

Blue san pablo sofa looted couch

Due to the looting and protests in South Africa, many valuable things were stolen from stores.   

Sedgers Home posted in June that they have one couch missing from their showroom.   

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Sedgers Home specialises in modern furniture and lifestyle items. They posted on their Instagram account: “Hi fam, Our Springfield store was looted. We are also missing a blue couch. If you see it please tag @sedgershome. We are willing to exchange it for something that fits the house. #StaySafe #UniteSouthAfrica.”    

In an interesting twist, the couch is now being used to take Instagram-worthy images! 

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The owner of Leather Gallery, Greg Parry said: “We have received an enormous amount of interest since the San Pablo has been displayed on our new showroom’s floor. Our customers have loved seeing the famous blue sofa in person, and have enjoyed sitting on it to get the perfect Instagram photo."

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