Liquor Association pleads with elderly to stay home during booze rush

Liquor Association pleads with elderly to stay home during booze rush

The SA Liquor Traders Association has pleaded with the elderly to avoid rushing to bottle stores on Monday when the ban on alcohol sales is lifted.

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A surge of consumers is expected at retailers to make their first alcohol purchases since the start of the national lockdown in March.

But the associations says it’s concerned the large numbers will put the elderly at risk.

“I would sincerely appeal to all customers and members of the public looking to purchase liquor not to necessarily arrive on Monday on the first day back, as it’s just going to create a significant amount of pressure for everyone concerned,” says the association’s Sean Robinson.

“Seeing as we’ve all been without our favourite tipples, another day or two or three is not going to matter.”

He adds: “I’d especially request that the elderly or the potentially venerable folks do not visit liquor stores for the next few days. I think the potential for crowding is significant and I would far rather those vulnerable were home and safe.”

Game parks and hiking allowed, leisure travel still banned

No group tours will be allowed and visitors are not allowed in game parks overnight. Minister of Tourism Mmaloko Kubayi-Ngubane addressed the media on Saturday around the regulations for the tourism industry. "At level 3, we are going see the accommodation coming to life for business - the only thing that they are not allowed to do, is to accommodate people for leisure," she explained.

Alcohol will be sold Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Businesses and consumers will have to adhere to strict rules if the sale of alcohol is to continue.

The regulations permit alcohol to be sold at any premise that has a license – whether that license is for on-consumption or for off-consumption.

However, alcohol may only be bought for consumption at home. 

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