Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Oppie Bol Foundation

Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Oppie Bol Foundation

Oppie Bol Foundation will receive R12,500 from the KM Hunger Relief Fund.

Oppie Bol Foundation

BACKGROUND: Kagiso Media, owners of Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, have put together the KM Hunger Relief Fund to assist communities in need during the drawn out Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. The most basic need remains food. Over the next two weeks, Jacaranda FM will give a platform to four organisations per day, who actively work within afflicted communities to feed the thousands of families who currently cannot earn a living. We want to know who these community Angels are and how our listener community can assist them. Jacaranda FM will also equally distribute R500,000 from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund to these organisations in the form of AngelRands.

Nearly three months into lockdown and we still see how the aged, disabled, and unemployed are forced to queue for basic necessities which are in short supply. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic Oppie Bol Foundation (OBF) has made it their duty to do everything possible to assist the most vulnerable: persons with disabilities. As a registered Non-Profit Organisation, founded on 8 June 2016 with the focus on creating Disability Awareness, they are passionate about the plight of persons with disabilities, especially during a time where there’s a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Oppie Bol are situated in Capital Park, but they assist people with disabilities in Eersterust, Pretoria Central, Pretoria West and Centurion.

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You can donate: Banking Details

Name:  Oppie Bol Foundation

Bank:  FNB

Account:  62626063507

Branch:   210240 (Pretoria CBD)

REF:  Name/Donation2020

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