15 tips to help you apply make-up like a pro

15 tips to help you apply make-up like a pro

Professional make-up artist, Lerato Seseane, shares tips on how to master the latest beauty looks.

Lerato Seseane
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Make-up can make you feel and look like a star. But, with all the make-up tools and products available on the market, getting it right can be confusing.

We spoke to Lerato Seseane, a professional make-up artist based in Midrand about how to apply your own make-up like a pro.

Steps to applying make-up

1. Before you apply foundation, ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed.

2. Moisturise your face with a cream suitable for your skin type.

3. Apply foundation primer (the primer helps to prolong the life of the foundation).

4. Apply concealer to cover imperfections and blemishes.

5. Apply foundation suitable for your skin type and complexion.

Tip: To get the right foundation colour for your complexion, test the foundation on your face, not your hands, and make sure that the colour complements your complexion. You can also get a professional at a cosmetic shop to test your foundation colour if you’re not sure).

6. Apply powder to set your foundation (powder that complements your skin complexion).

7. Fill in your brows using a brown liner not black (black tends to be a bit harsh).

8. Apply eyeshadow primer on your eyelids (this will help keep your eyeshadow in place and
not crease).

9. Apply your eyeshadows.

10. Apply your eyeliner (to frame your eyes).

11. Apply blush to give your cheekbones more emphasis.

12. Apply highlighter for a natural glow.

13. Apply lipliner (it helps to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and makes it last longer).

14. Apply your lipstick or gloss.

15. Finish up with a setting or fixing spray to complete your look.

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