What can you say during sex, but also at a family dinner?

What do sex and family dinners have in common?

Musician Ace Guetta recently asked his followers “what can you say during sex, but also at a family dinner?” and the answers are quite interesting...

Couple sleeping in bed
Couple sleeping in bed/ iStock

Talking during sex is not taboo.

However, what you say can make or break the deed.

Musician Ace Guetta asked some of his followers what they have said during intercourse, and although some of the answers are okay, some of them are hilarious.

The post received over four-million comments.

Let’s look at the top liked/funny comments:

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-       -  “It’s so juicy” 

-       -  “I’m ready for Seconds lol” 

-        - “You clean up. I’m going to sleep.” 

-        - “It's a little dry” 

-        - “That Was Good, " I'm Glad I Came"” 

-      -   “Is that all there is?” 

-        - “Quit playing with that and put it in your mouth!!” 

-      -   “Nobody’s getting up until everyone is finished.” 

-        - "AIN'T GONNA EAT ITSELF!" 

-       -  “That was sooo good; you really out did yourself"

-       -  “All that time preparing and it’s over in a couple of minutes"

Image courtesy of iStock/ @ Vasyl Dolmatov

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