Activities to keep your young ones entertained during the holiday season

Activities to keep your young ones entertained during the holiday season

These activities will ensure your children are never bored during the holiday season. 

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School’s out, the children are home! Keeping them entertained shouldn’t be so hard...

We are here to help!

Here are some activities to keep your young ones entertained:

Take them to the park

Do you remember growing up and playing with your friends in the park? Such precious moments, right? You can also create beautiful memories by taking your young ones to the park and having lots of fun playing with them. Choose a park that has lots of playing facilities such as a seesaw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide, jungle gym, and chin-up bars.

Buy toys and playing material

Age-appropriate toys are great for learning, playing, and exploring. They are sure to keep your young ones occupied for days.

Play in the backyard

If your yard is big enough, take advantage of that and plan fun games you can play together as a family. Games such as hide and seek and Water Balloon Catch will be lots of fun for the whole family.

Watch movies

Take your children to the movies or stream them at home. Take turns picking a movie, so that each of you gets to pick something they love. Remember to choose movies that will be suitable for all ages.

Cook and bake together

The kitchen is the perfect place for creating beautiful memories while making delicious meals as a family. Get food recipes from magazines and the internet. Then get your children to help you make the food, even if it's just them decorating what you have baked, or helping you cut the ingredients. Remember, even though you want to ensure the food comes out perfectly, don’t be harsh on your children. They might make a mess when trying to cook and bake for the first time, but it’s okay to make mistakes. To avoid them burning themselves, don't allow small children near the oven or stove.

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Do the Christmas décor together

It’s time to put the Christmas décor up. Why not have fun as the whole family decorating your home for Christmas? Check out this article for inspiration of how to decorate - clever Christmas decor ideas.

Play video games

Playing video games with your children is a great way to get into their world and have fun doing what they love. 

Get play dough

Allow your children’s minds and yours to run wild while you create just about anything you wish with play dough. 

Share stories

Many children love to listen to their parents tell them stories. You can tell them fairy-tale stories or real-life stories about yourself and your family. Or you can tell them your favourite story which you learned from your parents.

Do gardening

Starting a backyard garden is a great way to bond. Another benefit is that it is an opportunity to plant your favourite flowers and veggies. It can be a fun learning experience for you and your family.  

Treasure hunt

From picture clues to word scrambles and anagrams, treasure hunts never disappoint when it comes to fun. 

Make a family tree

Give your children an opportunity to learn about their roots by making a family tree.

Play board games

Board games are so much fun, especially when played as a family. They're cheap to buy and some are free online, so go on and have fun playing. 

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