Being in a depressing job almost made me lose my mind

Being in a depressing job almost made me lose my mind

What do you do when your job brings you so much unhappiness and even threatens your health? Tebogo Nkoana shares her story.

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We spend most of our time at work and that is why it's important to be in a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Sadly, research has shown that many people are unhappy in their workplaces.  

One lady who saw that staying in a depressing job would ruin her life is Tebogo Nkoana.

"I was working for a certain company under their finance department. Prior to getting the job, I had resigned from a good company in order to pursue my studies so that I could make a better living. So after obtaining my qualification, I went back to the work place."

Tebogo says things were great in the beginning.

"It wasn’t bad at first. I actually loved my job, but then a new manager came on board. She kept changing my job description and would keep increasing my work load and was so unrealistic."

Tebogo says to try and solve the issue, she set up meetings with her manager and Human Resource personnel, but nothing changed. 

“Things got worse to a point where I needed to take pills in order to function. I was under so much stress and I couldn’t even sleep. I could see that my job was affecting even my personal life as I couldn't think properly, and nothing was making sense in my life.”

So after being in the job for almost two years, Tebogo decided to resign.

“I resigned not even knowing where next month’s salary was going to come from as I didn’t have another job. Even though I was a bit uncertain, but a voice would tell me I made the right choice. A small voice would tell me things will be fine and I listened to it. I knew if I remained in the job, I was either going to lose my mind or stay depressed.”

After two weeks of resigning, Tebogo got another job and is now happily working for one of the biggest security companies in South Africa.

Her advice to those who feel their jobs are robbing them of enjoying life: "Sometimes you just have to do what you got to do for the sake of your health and sanity. Life is too short to be lived in misery.”

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