#BlackFriday Gift guide for a co-worker

#BlackFriday Gift guide for a co-worker

Because people have no idea what to get their co-workers as gifts, use this Black Friday as the day to get the right gift.

Black Friday gift box

It’s that time of the year already. The memo for the compulsory attendance to the dreaded Christmas party and, drumroll… Secret Santa!

Every year you either get a mug stuffed with marshmallows or a lavender scented bath and lotion set.

Well, no need to drag your feet this year thinking about what to get Gertrude from Finance. There are some really awesome #BlackFriday deals all around the country and some even online, so you can skip those dreaded queues!

Our top 10 gifts to get your co-worker (bosses included) are:

1. Earphones/Headphones

We all love to listen to our podcasts, music or radio shows while hunkering down with work. Some say this is anti-social behaviour but really, who are we kidding? This is the best way to keep out the whining and keep in the cussing.

2. Fleece blanket

The awesomeness about getting this gift now is that the prices are more than ridiculously priced, but it is perfect for Zinhle who sits in the open plan and is always complaining about how cold the aircon is when we are fighting a heat wave.

3. Pencil case/space case

Remember these incredible stationary keepers and how they saved us from buying erasers every week in school? Well, they’re back by popular demand and CNA, Clicks, and Checkers have an array of these in pretty designs. These are really perfect for anyone in the office but remember Gertrude in Finance, she’s the one.

4. USB stick

Probably the most understated gift ever. We by no means condone or support piracy, but a well sized USB is perfect for the designer on the 3rd floor or your colleague Ashlee who has just started a side gig doing photography on weekends.

5. Hand lotion & hand sanitiser

A perfect, keep at your desk gift for any colleague. Get the Wild honey and yoghurt hand cream-  the smell isn’t overwhelming, so Jacqui won’t complain about it being bad for her sinuses.

6. Photo frames

You can never go wrong with these. Ideal gift for anyone in the office, neutral and can be used either at home or in the office. To add a personal feel to it, you could add a warm message into the frame instead of the standard stock image of the girlfriend or boyfriend. The personal touch could go a long way to it not coming across as thoughtless. And this #BlackFriday you could stock up enough to get some for your friends as well.

7. House plant

Gift someone a succulent. They are really value for money and this #BlackFriday you could get enough to grow your own garden. Builders Warehouse and Chamberlains would be a great start.

8. Funky lunch bag

Fill it with all sorts of treats and awesomeness. A tip though – check in with your “Secret Santa” if they are allergic to anything – especially if you might be office enemies. But even if you aren’t, be courteous and ask about dietary preferences.

9. Water bottle or Water jug

We’re all on the ‘drink more water’ trip, so we can live longer. And yes, Vodka is considered water after a hard week’s labour. But seriously, what better way to promote saving water and encouraging colleagues to drink more than by gifting someone with a BPA free water bottle? Lovely shapes and sizes are available from Dischem.

10. Foot rest or back cushion

We spend so much time in front of the screen at our desks or even labouring hard all day, what better gift than something that allows me to sit back and relax while I work?


The all-time favourite is a gift voucher. Most stores offer these and you can order them online, so you could get a discounted voucher on #BlackFriday and get more value for your buck.

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