Charlize Theron appreciates the strong black women who are helping raise her daughters

Charlize Theron on how strong black women help her raise her daughters

Charlize Theron is a firm believer in 'it takes a village to raise a child' and she has thanked the "village of strong black women" who are helping her raise her two daughters, who are also black. 

Charlize Theron and her daughters
Charlize Theron with her daughters, Jackson and August/ Instagram

South African star Charlize Theron is a mother to two daughters - Jackson (9) and August (5).

She adopted the first born in 2012 and August three years later. 

Like most parents, she also has to deal with the dynamics of parenting and is not afraid of asking for help. 

Theron says her confidence in raising her children is the support she has been receiving from the "village of strong black women" in her life.

“I have a real acknowledgment, as we all do as parents — we know where we lack and we know where we are rich," Theron told Essence

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Theron is not afraid to ask for help and she has been getting help from other women. 

“I am so grateful to the incredible village of strong Black women in my life who I can pick up a phone to, or come over to my house and they’ll tell me: ‘You need to stop doing this," she told the publication. 

She says they also help her with hair issues.

She says they would tell her: "These baby hairs are breaking off. What are you doing?’” Theron told the publication.

She added that the women put her in her place. 

 “So they put me in my place, and because of them I feel this great confidence in raising my girls,”  she added. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Charlizeafrica

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