Gauteng lingo - Common phrases only Gautengers understand

Gauteng lingo - Common phrases only Gautengers understand

Planning to visit Gauteng? These are the words you need to know.


Gauteng is one of the most-populated provinces in South Africa. Scores of people flock to the province in the hope of securing better jobs and a better life. 

For many dreamers, Johannesburg is the place to see those dreams materialise. After all, Johannesburg is called the 'City of Gold'. Many believe that's where the money lies. 

In 2017, South Africa saw a 13 percent increase in international tourists visiting the country. Many international tourists used the Cape Town International or OR Tambo Airports to enter the country, and 1.9% flew in via King Shaka International Airport.  

It goes without saying that to better enjoy and get the best from a place, it's important to understand the culture of that place and language plays a big role in culture. 

We take a look at some of the common phrases found in Gauteng:

Ka Zaiya - I am leaving

Jumpers - Evening or later in the day

Snay- Stupid

Feder / Vede / Fida - How are you / What's up?

Wa Forstana - Do you understand?

Wa di jaja - Do you know or do you understand?

Jacket - R20

Tiger - R10

Babalas -  A hangover

Bra - A male

China - A friend

Crash - Sleep

Dom/ Doff - Stupid

Kasie - A township

Majaja / mkokoto - Fake things

O Des / o blaene - Very good at something

Nyuko, zaka, machankura - Money

Medi - Girlfriend

Stele - I'm okay (used in a greeting)

Mamzere - Sweets

Scolana - Cold drink

Ke popile - It went well

Legasi - My relative

D'gwaile - I'm hungry

Mavhathi - Water

Gaolo - Food

Geleza - Study

NB: Because these are not official words found in the dictionary, others may spell them differently.

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