Gaynor Young's plunge and rise: A story about overcoming adversity

Gaynor Young's plunge and rise: A story about overcoming adversity

Gaynor Young, an acclaimed actress and opera singer, had just performer in a play at the State Theatre in Pretoria when tragedy struck.

Gaynor Young

During a change in scenery on stage, Gaynor took one false step and found herself tumbling off the stage, and ultimately down five floors to the basement level.

It was an horrific fall of 18 metres down an unguarded lift shaft onto a concrete floor. Gaynor broke almost every bone in her face and body and suffered a brain hemorrhage.

What kept her going? She says it was the healing power of love. Gaynor never, ever gave up.

Gaynor Young archive photo

Join ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil and Gaynor as they talk about her journey to survival and then thrival.  Listen below to this moving, and inspiring interview on Thrive with 'DrD'.

For more information about Gaynor, visit her website.

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