The most romantic celebrity proposals

The most romantic celebrity proposals

Get the best marriage proposal ideas from your favourite celebrities.


Taking the decision to propose is a big deal.

Whether you book a weekend away, or do a beach proposal, thorough planning is crucial.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect proposal idea, get some inspiration from these celebrities who did it in style.

Phat Joe and Palesa Morgan

Radio and TV personality Phat Joe proposed to his girlfriend with the cutest video ever.

“Palesa Hunadi Morgan you are always harassing me to tell you why I love you and I always blush and turn red. It’s because if I ever started to tell you not only will I blush, but I will most probably start crying and that’s not very manly. So, I’m going to try do it this way, and hopefully you will never have to ask me again,” Joe said in the video.

He then listed five reasons why he loves her “so much”.

But what made the video even cuter was when Joe’s son stepped in and gives his reasons for loving Palesa and asked if she would marry his father.

It’s the sweetest video ever and we are not surprised Palesa said yes.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung

Somizi’s proposal will melt your heart, it’s what movies are made of.

Somizi waited for the perfect moment – an evening full of stars. He then went down on his knee and proposed to the love of his life Mohale Motaung. The proposal happened on the love lock bridge in Paris with the Eiffel Tower behind them. How is that for romantic?

Somizi praised Motaung for giving him unconditional love. “I always tell people this is the first time that I’ve experienced what true, unconditional love is,” said the star.

He then popped the question which left Mohau in tears as he screamed “yes”.

Amanda Du Pont

What more could a girl ask for than to be proposed to on the beach with clear blue skies?

Amanda du Pont’s long-term partner Shawn Rodriques swept Amanda off her feet with an epic proposal at the beach.

“I SAID YES!! Turns out my surprise beach picnic was @shawnrodriques epic proposal. My darling you sweep me off my feet every single time but this time you had me crying! I said yes to the man I prayed for so specifically, everything you are, is everything I asked. Life isn’t perfect, but perfect with you in it. I love loving you, so thrilled to be your fiancé! Thank you God” wrote Amanda on Instagram.


Celeb choreographer Takkies recently got married to Chris Dinwiddy in a fairy tale wedding.

In 2016, Chris surprised the former ‘Fly Chix’ member with a proposal on her birthday.

“In the morning of my birthday, we had breakfast then napped and afterwards, we had a full body massage. The massage was out of this world! We had a picnic thereafter. I was just thanking him for a flawless birthday and he got nervous. He pretended to take pics then he went down on one knee. He was like ‘My love, you are my forever, you know that right?’ That time, I was so dumbstruck, confused and I was like ‘Darling, are you sure?’ We ended up both crying and of course I said ‘YES!’ Looked at the ring and was like, ‘It’s HUGE!’,” Takkies told People Magazine.

The star also shared the video of the proposal with her followers on social media.

How sweet. 

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