Resisting suicidal thoughts

Resisting suicidal thoughts

Don't take your life. Here is how you can get help. 

Suicide prevention
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South African media personality Dineo Ranaka has opened up about feeling suicidal.

The mother of three took to social media and wrote that she is trying not to end her life.  

"Because I am trying not to commit suicide. My mind is sooooooo loud of late and life is f***ing loud and I'm trying my best but it seems my best is not good enough," she wrote on Twitter. 

Many users shared how they could relate to how Dineo was feeling and their own battles with mental health. 

Suicide continues to take hundreds of lives every year. 

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If you are battling with suicidal thoughts, below are tips which are inspired by the Help Guide organisation: 

- Reach out for help. Talk to a loved one that you trust and contact professional counsellors. You can contact Suicide Crisis Line on 0800 567 567, SADAG on 0800 567 567, Cipla on 0800 456 789 or on their WhatsApp line 076 882 2775. 

- Don't take action based on a temporary feeling of sadness and depression. The bad season will not last forever. 

- Stay away from substances. Drugs and alcohol can make you act irrationally.

- Remove anything that can enable you to harm yourself. This includes pills, knives, razors or firearms. 

- Identify things that trigger suicidal thoughts such as places, people or situations. 

- Take care of your body and mind. This includes eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and exercising. 

- Check your association. Friends have a great impact on your life. Be surrounded by positive people. 

- Do more of the things you love.

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