The six worst reasons to get married

The six worst reasons to get married

Could you be wanting to get married for all the wrong reasons?

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One of the factors that contributes to the divorce rate being so high is because people get married for the wrong reasons. 

Many of us would love to find that one special person that we will spend the rest of our lives with - our soulmate! But what happens when they seem to be taking forever to come? Be sure not to get married for the wrong reasons, as that is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Below we give you a list of six reasons not to get married:

For the wedding day

Although so much emphasis is put on the wedding, the reality is, the wedding is not even a reflection of marriage. A wedding is only a celebration of what is about to begin.

Before you get married, remember that a wedding is only a few hours long, while marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. Your wedding day might be glamorous, but your marriage may be anything but.


Most people in their late 30's and 40's feel pressurised to get married. However, true love can be found at any age. It is better to wait for the right partner than to just get married to someone you don't love, just because you are worried that you are getting older.

Status and security

Getting married just for the status and security is one of the worst reasons to get married. Security does not guarantee happiness. 


For some people, marriage is a license for sex, especially if you believe that sex should only be for married people. But getting married just for sex is a bad idea. Sex is only a small part of marriage. There are many other things that marriage comes with that you need to be ready for. 

To prove a point

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a loveless marriage just because you wanted to prove a point - be it to your ex, colleagues, friends, family, or sometimes even to yourself. Life is too short for you to live for others!

Being lonely

Tired of sleeping alone at night, not having anyone to share your joys and tears with, no one to hold your hand and tell you sweet nothings? As sad as that might be, it is far better than being in an unhappy marriage that could end up in a divorce. Marriage doesn't guarantee an end to your loneliness. Some married couples hardly spend time with each other. If you are feeling lonely, rather find activities that can keep you entertained than take a step you will regret.

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