Surprising ways to keep flu away

Surprising ways to keep flu away

Because we understand that prevention is better than cure, we bring you ways in which you can keep flu away.


With winter upon us, many of us will have to deal with colds and flu. According to research, the winter season is one of the highest seasons where people report to the doctor’s office or skip work and school due to flu.

We look at surprising natural ways to help you avoid flu.

1. Exercise

Exercise is very important, not only for keeping you fit, but it strengthens your heart and strengthens your immune system, making it less likely that you will get sick.

2. Wash your hands

Germs spread very quickly from the hands, so it is important to wash your hands as often as possible. Remember we touch our noses and mouths with our hands, and that could result in germs entering our bodies. Sandra Fryhofer, a clinical associate professor at Emory University School of Medicine, is very much against people eating with their hands. “I try to bring something I can eat with a spoon or fork, rather than a sandwich I have to handle,” she told WebMD.

3. Carry your own pen and dishes

Many of us use pens at banks and offices to sign off documents. Rather carry your own pen to avoid catching germs left by other people who have used the pen. Also make sure you have your own dishes at the office to avoid using dishes that are used by people carrying germs.

4. Sanitize!

At times you may need to use lifts, touch door handles, ATMs, or even the office phone. This can cause you to be exposed to germs. The best thing to do is carry alcohol-based cleansers. “I make it a point of carrying around little bottles of alcohol-based cleansers, and I use them liberally after I suspect that I’ve been exposed,” author of The Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu Neil Schachter told WebMD.

5. Eat healthily

A healthy diet helps support your immune system. Also eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C like oranges and lemons. They are proven to help keep flu away.

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