WATCH: The 13 wedding rules for the guests

WATCH: The 13 wedding rules for the guests

Talk about properly planning to be a Bridezilla!

Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation/ iStock

Weddings have evolved with time; they’ve gone from big celebrations to small and intimate. However, there are still rules to abide by.

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Kennedy Marks compiled a list of rules that were meant to be seen by just her family and close friends, but to her surprise, the video of rules went viral on Tik Tok.

Kennedy has been planning for her wedding since she was eight and so being specific with the details of her wedding is that important to her.

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The video has since gone viral and with it being a very unique concept, comments were bound to come flooding in with others adding to the rules and agreeing with the idea.

Watch the video below:


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Image Credit: Tik Tok/@kennedymarks

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