PICTURES: Mother’s Day gifting gone wrong

PICTURES: Mother’s Day gifting gone wrong

Don’t you just love kids’ ideas and honesty when it comes to gifting?

Mother's Day
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Mother’s Day is always a time to look forward to and shower mothers with gifts of appreciation for being so amazing.

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Well… this time around it’s really the thought that counts because the little ones are just a bit too honest, especially when it comes to Mom and Dad.

The DIY projects are fun to do, but turns out they can go completely awry.

Daddy really wanted a boy

This is what happens when the little ones are responsible for making gifts for Mother’s Day.

See images below:

1. The second favourite parent.

Second favouite

2. What other reason, right?

the obvious

3. To the moon and back.

To the moon

4. Thanks for the food.

Thanks mom

5. The proper Improvisation.


6. Everyone including the dog, like dad better.

dad wins

7. You are as smart as...

You are smart

8. Mother's Day recipe.

Mother's day recipe

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