Young woman flaunts her virginity certificate on social media

Young woman flaunts her virginity certificate on social media

How important is it to have a virginity certificate? 

Woman crossing her legs holding a flower
Woman crossing her legs holding a flower/ iStock

Should virginity still be celebrated? This question is highly debatable, especially in the times we live. 

Some cultures, however, still hold onto the view that virginity is something to be proud of and even go to the extent of doing tests on young women. The test results are considered when families decide on the bride price (lobola). 

One young lady found herself trending on Twitter after an image of her holding her virginity certificate did its rounds on social media. The young lady is believed to be 24-years-old. 

The image shows the girl looking stunning in her traditional attire, holding her certificate with pride.  

The certificate was issued by Sivuselela Amasiko, which does virginity testing. 

The photo has received mixed reactions. 

Some asked why the emphasis seems to be mostly on women doing their virginity tests, while men are off the hook? 

"Do boys have to do such tests or it's only girls?," asked one Twitter user. 

"Virginity is nothing but an alleged virtue," another user wrote.  

Other users went as far as questioning the importance of virginity when it comes to deciding on a life partner. 

"It’s a good thing to keep your virginity, that’s an individual choice, keeping your virginity doesn’t guarantee you will become a good wife," wrote a Twitter user.

Image courtesy of iStock/ @Elena Boltunova

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