Foods that are rich in folic acid

Foods that are rich in folic acid

This is why folic acid is important for your health...

Folic acid
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Folic acid is a B vitamin and a form of folate that is important for everyone. 

Many women are advised to take folic acid supplements when they are pregnant, but folic acid isn't only essential for expectant moms. 

Folic acid is essential for the following benefits, as stated by Healthline

According to NHS, folic acid also helps the body form healthy red blood cells and reduces the risk of birth defects called neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, in unborn babies. 

Although folic acid can be taken as tablets, it can also be found in food. 

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Below are some of the foods that are great sources of folic acid: 

- Broccoli

- Brussels sprouts

- Vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spring greens, and spinach

- Legumes

- Asparagus

- Eggs

- Citrus fruits

- Peas

- Chickpeas

-Kidney beans

- Liver

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Disclaimer: Health-related information provided in this article is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat health problems. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor on any health-related issues.

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