How to make your own delicious dried fruits

How to make your own delicious dried fruits

Treat yourself and your loved ones this festive season with these delicious DIY dried fruits. 

Dried fruits
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Dried fruits make a great snack any time of the day.

Unlike other snacks that come with modification and added preservatives, dried fruits offer a great, healthy alternative. They also last longer.

The good news is that they are not hard to make.

Even if you don’t have a dehydrator, don’t worry. You can use your oven!


Set your oven to 50 degrees Celsius and allow to pre-heat.

Wash the fruits you want to dry.

Remove any inedible parts on the fruit such as leaves, stalks, and pips.

Slice your fruits thinly or to the desired size.

Tip: To ensure the fruits don’t lose colour, soak them for 10 minutes in lemon juice and water, and then dry.

Place your fruits on a baking tray.

Spread out evenly and ensure they don’t touch each other - we don't want one giant piece of dried fruit.

Put in the oven to bake, but leave the door slightly opened. Flip the fruits every hour. Different fruits will require a different amount of time to dry out, but baking takes approximately three to four hours. 

Remove from baking tray and place in a container.

Leave the container opened for five days so that the fruit can dry.

Then seal the container, store, and eat as you desire.


The below video shows how to make your own dried bananas, strawberries, and peaches using an oven:

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