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#JustDelicious: Prepare for summer with these yummy dishes

Summer is almost here, and what better way to prepare for it than with delicious meals? We bring you four yummy Summer dishes.


Smokin’ Summer Feasts. What does that bring to mind for you? If nothing else, it sounds absolutely fantastic and we can assure you, everything tastes A B S O LU T E L Y delicious!

Curry & Coconut Pork Skewers

Our feature this week is the yummiest, tastiest skewer that will hit your taste buds! Just imagine, sand between your toes, the smell of coconut in the air, salty skin, and sea sprayed hair… sigh. We’re dreaming of summer. In the meantime, we have these summer-fresh #JustDelicious coconut curried pork skewers to get us through!

Tuna & Bacon Burgers

Bye-bye beef patties and hello beach body! We’re keeping it light and fresh with a side of sassy with these spicy tuna patty burgers served with mouthwatering Eskort #JustDelicious bacon. Get the full recipe here.


Apple, Pear & Chicken Salad

Fresh and fruity with a little ziiinnnggg - this #JustDelicious Apple, Pear & Chicken Salad is perfect to add a little pizzazz into your summer lunch (or dinner!) spread. Get the recipe here.


Cauliflower & Ham Hash

Cutting carbs? Well, then cauliflower is your bae. And we have a #JustDelicious Ham & Cauli Hash recipe to jump start your day and your summer bod (for your real bae). Get the recipe here.


Visit to try all these recipes and more for yourself!

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