Recipe: Sade Giliberti's protein packed tacos recipe

Recipe: Sade Giliberti's protein packed tacos recipe

Please courier some to SA! Sade's fans love her quick and easy taco recipe. 

Sade Giliberti's protein packed tacos recipe
Sade Giliberti / Instagram (@sadegiliberti)

Former YoTV star, Sade Giliberti, is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The 38-year-old's latest dish has her fans drooling. 

Sade shared a taco recipe on her Instagram page this week that is easy to make and packed with protein. 

It takes 20 minutes of cooking time, and other than the taco shells, you probably have every single ingredient in your kitchen right now. 

Here's a look at the full ingredients list Sade shared. 

Easy Taco Recipe Ingredients 
• Mince Beef
• Red Kidney Beans
• Tomato
• Salad leaves of your choice (we had iceberg lettuce so I used that)
• Spices
• Garlic
• Red Pepper
• Small Tortillas
• Cheddar Cheese
• Olive Oil

If you do make Sade's tacos, make sure you are stocked up on one key ingredient. 

"I didn't have enough cheese when I made this meal, so make sure you have enough. The more cheese the better!" she wrote.

Her fans gave her taco recipe a big thumbs up.

"Please courier some to SA," one wrote.

Another fan commented: "Looks yum."


Sade is quite the foodie these days.  

She has shared several recipes in recent months including a quick and easy fish dish and a homemade chicken schnitzel recipe

Sade also made a pasta recipe "for the lovers", which she says is "literally so delicious". 

Sade's green fingers are also getting to work in her very own vegetable garden. 

She is growing potatoes in her garden and the process has been a labour of love for the star. 

"It took a few potatoes (gifted to me by a superhuman). Compost. Loads of watering.Egg Shells, to keep snails off my crop. Tomato feed. (Every couple of weeks). Watering at night. More Compost. Talking to the crop (in all accents). More watering. Then waiting for them to flower!" the London-based star said. 

Growing potatoes is a wise choice in this economy! As Sade points out, you can eat them a different way every day!

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Main image credit: Instagram/@sadegiliberti

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