Three healthy ways to flavour your water

Three healthy ways to flavour your water

Here's how you can get excited about drinking more water every day! 

Cucumber infused water

National Nutrition Week is coming to a close, and if you are battling to live up to this year's theme, “Rethink Your Drink – Choose Water!”, then these tips might help.

Adults need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, but many fail to drink even one glass.

Instead of hydrating their bodies with water, most people turn to juice, sodas, energy drinks and even coffee when they are thirsty. 

Drinking water is an important, and vital, part of a healthy diet. Drinking the precious resource is good for digestion, circulation, and absorption.

It also helps to maintain your body's temperature, and considering your body is composed of between 50-60% water (depending on male or female), that's a very important benefit. 

There are many other benefits to drinking water, and there is just no way you should go a day without drinking it. 

If you struggle to drink water, you can add some flavour to it with these healthy options. 

So ditch the sugary drinks, and try them out. 

Water and lemons

Adding a few slices of lemons to your water is not only refreshing, but it also has some added benefits. Drinking lemon water helps flush out toxins. Lemons also help maintain your body's PH levels. Add some fresh mint, for a touch of sweetness. Mint also helps with digestion.

Water and cucumbers

Cucumbers help keep you hydrated, as they are made up of 95% water. They also help rid your body of toxins, and contain anti-inflammatory properties. They are also packed with vitamins! Soak cucumbers in water overnight, and have a drink in the morning to start your day on a healthy note. 

Water and strawberries

If you struggle to drink water because you don't like the taste, try infusing it with fruits like strawberries to get you into the habit of drinking more water. Add lemon and basil for an extra kick. Watermelon and mint is also a good combination. 

Drinking infused water is a better option than soft drinks and coffee, but be sure to drink your H2O alone as well. 

National Nutritional Week ends on Sunday, but try to make drinking enough water a daily habit. 

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