How to deal with stray cats and dogs

Ways to deal with stray cats and dogs

Are stray dogs and cats constantly visiting your home? Here is what you can do to ensure they don't bother you. 

Angry black and white cat in the bushes iStock
Angry black and white cat in the bushes/ iStock

There are nearly 200-million stray dogs worldwide and an even higher number of stray cats, states a 2023 Four Paws International report. 

Stray cats and dogs are not always safe. 

PetHelpful states that stray animals pick up diseases of all types. 

Other dangers highlighted by Pet Helpful include: "They get parasites like ticks, worms, and fleas and they can contract rabies." 

The publication also states that "they may have other diseases that can be transmitted to humans or to your own pets and you can pass diseases on to your pets if you touch a stray or something a stray has marked in some way (usually with their urine)".

If stray animals are a problem in your yard, the following guide might help you deter them. 

The first step in dealing with stray animals that visit your home often is to call the SPCA near you. The SPCA protects and cares for abandoned animals and can provide shelter for them. 

In your home, you can do the following: 

Use citrus

Cats and dogs cannot stand the smell of citrus. 

So putting orange or lemon peels in your yard and that will deter the stray animals.  

You can also use a citrus-scented spray. 

Use repellent 

Buy an outdoor pet repellant that can keep the cats and dogs away without harming them. 

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Lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, oregano, and geranium are some of the plants that can keep stray animals away. 

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