Watch: Ed Sheeran singing with locals at a pub

Video: Ed Sheeran singing with locals at a pub

The mega star was spotted having the time of his life playing pool and enjoying a beer while singing aloud with locals. 

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran/ Instagram

Being a global superstar comes with a lot of pros and cons. 

Many celebrities cannot enjoy life as normal - going to the store, hanging out at pubs or even taking a walk outside their homes.

But not Ed Sheeran.

The star was recently spotted at The Roost Pub in Small Heath, Birmingham over the weekend enjoying a beer.   

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In a viral video which has been shared on Twitter, Sheeran can be seen playing pool while singing aloud to Serani's song, 'No Games'.  

The video has over 3.8-million views with many people commending the 'Shape of You' hitmaker for not allowing fame to rob him of enjoying hanging around in local spots.

"Ed Sheeran lives his life simple and proceeds to produce good that's class," reads one of the comments. 

"I love how normal Ed is. His fame hasn’t changed him even slightly. Love it," wrote another Twitter user. 

Another one added: "Ed Sheeran comfortably blends in w any race or age group."

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The celebration comes after the singer won his High Court battle over plagiarism claims regarding his hit 'Shape of You' last week. 

Watch the video below: 

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Teddysphotos

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