Amanda Black releases new single about self-love: "Enjoy your journey with yourself"

Amanda Black releases new single about self-love: "Enjoy your journey with yourself"

Amanda's long-awaited single is finally out. 'Nguwe' is the first single released from her upcoming fourth studio album. 

Amanda Black
Amanda Black / Instagram

Self-love - that is the theme of Amanda Black's latest single, 'Nguwe'. 

The single was released on Friday, 17 March. 

It is the first single from her upcoming fourth studio album. 

The single talks about the importance of loving yourself. 

Amanda encourages people to stop searching for love in other things and look within. 

"Enjoy your journey with yourself, take it one day at a time. You need you to be whole. All the answers are within, Go within. You are the answer, You are the love you have been searching for. It is inside of you," she wrote on Instagram while promoting the song on IG. 

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Ever since she teased the song, her fans have been expressing how excited they are. 

Amanda has been at the top of Twitter trends in South Africa since Wednesday. 

South African platinum selling RnB singer Donald wrote: "Am I the only one who plays Amanda black’s songs on full volume in the car and get lost in the vibes and sing along like no one is watching? YOH!!"

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"Your voice is so soothing. Your songwriting is so simplistic yet so powerful and meaningful," wrote a YouTube user. 

Another user described the song as perfection. 

"This track is the perfection!" while another wrote "every time you release and sing it's like you talking to my soul hits deep. Your voice makes it all even deeper. Thank you Amanda Black."

Listen to the song below:

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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