Danny's five songs to put the spice back in your love life

Danny's five songs to put the spice back in your love life

After ten years of marriage, Danny Painter has realised that to reignite sparks, you have to do things that make you laugh.

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You can either laugh at yourself or at your partner, but doing things that are fun definitely make you feel closer, so here is Danny's recipe to add some fire to your relationship.

Light some candles, cook something amazing like the same spaghetti bolognese you cook every Tuesday, this time served with the nicest looking bottle of wine you can find. Wear something nice, lingerie for the ladies and maybe a suit for the gents, or just your pyjamas.

Dim the lights, get your playlist ready, and pounce on your person as they walk through the door... 

1. Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing 

This song will take over your emotions, go with it. Put on a bit of a show, it doesn't have to be sexy as it will be funny, but laughter is an aphrodisiac and I promise you, you'll laugh at yourself.

2. Barry White - Let's Get It On

Maybe get a feather boa or the feather duster for extra laughs.

3. Another Level - Freak Me

This one is my all-time favourite. It brings out your inner "Magic Mike".

The next two are for dinner, so after dancing together like idiots, walk over and sit at the table, lower the volume and let your dinner music begin.

4. Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing

5. John Legend - All of Me

Load these songs, as well as some songs that remind you of the good times - the laughs and the love you have with your person, onto a playlist and pour the wine, listen to the lyrics, and leave the dishes for tomorrow!

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