Dwayne Johnson makes dream come true for ill young girl

Dwayne Johnson makes dream come true for ill young girl

Dwayne Johnson has made a dream come true for a two-year-old girl fighting for her life in hospital. 

Dwayn The Rock Johnson
Dwayn The Rock Johnson / Instagram

Dwayne Johnson has made a young sick girl's wish come true. 

The Rock, as he is fondly known, has taken to X to share the heartbreaking story of two-year-old Naomi who is battling with a brain disorder that has landed her in hospital. 

The WWE star shared how Naomi asked Dwayne to sing for her his Hot 100 hit from 'Moana', where he plays Maui in the popular Disney film.

He shared a video of himself singing to little Naomi the 'Moana' song, 'You're Welcome'.  

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"Join me in a song," he wrote on Instagram. 

"Naomi is 2yrs old and fighting the fight in the hospital with a brain disorder," he explained. 

"Her wish is for Maui to send her a video of him singing 'You’re Welcome',” he added. 

The wrestling star said he believes positive energy can make a difference in people's lives. 

"As we know, there’s a lot of noise and negativity out there, but I deeply believe that positive energy, light and mana can make a real difference in people’s lives - especially when it comes to our children who are struggling," he added. 

The 51-year-old promised to sing for Naomi every time she needs it. 

"Naomi I hope you smile with this song and Uncle Maui will sing 'You’re Welcome' anytime you need it," he explained. 

"Thank you everyone watching this for sending your mana and positive light," he concluded his post. 

Watch the video below:

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