Ed Sheeran on balancing family and music career

Ed Sheeran on balancing family and music career

Ed Sheeran has shared with fans how he balances his family life with his busy schedule as a musician. 

Ed Sheeran
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Juggling work and family ain't child's play. 

What's worse is if your work entails traveling the world and leaving your little ones behind. 

One of the artists who has had to find balance between family life and pursuing his career is Ed Sheeran. 

The four-time Grammy winner has been blessed with a successful music career that has seen him travel the world. 

He is also a father of two children with wife Cherry Seaborn. The last born, Jupiter,  was born last year on May 22. The first born, Lyra, was born in August 2020. 

Sheeran is currently on his fourth world tour in Toronto. 

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The 'Subtract' hitmaker spoke to Today this week, saying during the week he focuses his attention on his family and then on weekends he can focus on his music career. 

"I play weekend, so it is actually quite a normal life in the week, a normal routine and then weekend I go play at shows," he said. 

Sheeran, who released his latest album, 'Subtract', in May, says he is done releasing Mathematics albums. 

'Subtract' is his fifth studio album which has a Maths symbol for its title.

"I'm done with Mathematics. So the tour is the Mathematics tour and that's it, the next thing will be something different," he told Today. 

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