Ed Sheeran talks new album and his bond with Robbie Williams

Ed Sheeran talks new album and his bond with Robbie Williams

Ed Sheeran has spoken about the difficulties he faced and how that inspired his new music. 

Ed Sheeran
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Ed Sheeran has announced that he will be releasing a new album in May. 

'Subtract' will be his sixth studio album. 

Ed says he went through a lot prior to working on the new album. 

"I had a load of stuff happen at the beginning of last year… I made another album over the course of a decade, but then some stuff happened to me at the beginning of last year and I wrote this while that was happening and put the other one to the side. It’s kind of happened in a backwards way," explained Ed. 

The album comes out on 5 May. 

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Bond with Robbie Williams over shared addictions

Ed Sheeran has recently opened up about his struggles with alcohol addiction. He even revealed that he started taking drugs at the age of 24 after he saw his friends taking them. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ed said: "I remember just being at a festival and being like, 'Well, if all of my friends do it, it can’t be that bad'."

But he says the death of his friend Jamal convinced him to stop taking drugs and he stopped drinking right before the birth of his daughter. 

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He also says he found solace in Robbie William sharing a similar story. 

"I watched Robbie Williams, he did a documentary, I remember watching it on TV and his rise to fame - obviously he was in Take That - but his solo career, I felt, was quite similar to me, in terms of trajectory and the venues he was doing and what the albums were doing and how big it got and how isolated it got, and how he had a problem with his weight, he had a problem with drugs, he had a problem with alcohol. 

"I was watching this thing being like, "Oh man he’s gone through exactly what I’ve just gone through."'

He says he reached out to Robbie. 

"I emailed him and said, 'Your documentary made me feel less isolated'," he said in the documentary. 

He says Robbie replied that Ed's email also made him feel less isolated. 

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