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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Mack Rapapali's brand new video for 'Vergewe en Vergeet'

'Vergewe en Vergeet', Mack Rapapali's hot new single, has been turned into an incredible music video.

Mack's Music Video
Mack Rapapali

A few weeks ago, we featured Mack's brand new song as a 'Chamberlains Hot Hit' - and you loved it!

It went on to win the 'Hot Hit of the Week' and now he has a brand new music video for it!

The video is shot at Loftus Versfeld and has become the first music video ever to be shot on top of the stadium's roof! The song incorporates a unique sound and encourages the listener to take a deeper message from the lyrics.

When chatting to Mack Rapapali, he explained: "The song is dedicated to everyone, at any stage of their lives. It prompts you to think about where you come from and appreciate life, forgive yourself before you can forgive the world.

"Through this song you will be able to tell your own story, through a challenge you may be facing and how you choose to wake up the following day and deal with the challenge positively."

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Forgiving and forgetting is a positive thing, regardless of how difficult the situation may seem.

Watch the video below:

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