Experience EET KREEF! HERLEEF! music film during lockdown

Experience EET KREEF! HERLEEF! music film during lockdown

EET KREEF brings new life to one of the most iconic albums in Afrikaans and you can experience it on 4 July!

Eet Kreef Laudo
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EET KREEF! HERLEEF! is a production that gives new life to the iconic album by Johannes Kerkorrel & Die Gereformeerde Blues Band released in 1989.

Laudo Liebenberg, Frank Freeman, and the EET KREEF band are paying tribute to an iconic album by Johannes Kerkorrel and the Gereformeerde Blues Band with a reinterpretation.

It is a reinterpretation of the satirical yet anointing musical masterpiece.

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After the successful debut of the production, the group was approached to record an album as well. This recording was consequently unveiled in a music film, presented by Supra Familias and produced by Frank Freeman.

It consists of the songs on the album, as well as interviews with band members, Laudo Liebenberg (lead singer), Frank Freeman (guitar), and Schalk van der Merwe (bass guitar), as well as Jannie "Hanepoot" van Tonder of the original Reformed Blues Band.

The SA Top 20’s Carla Mackenzie chatted with Laudo Liebenberg ahead of the release of the music film.

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Check out EET KREEF! HERLEEF! On Saturday 4 July at 19:30. 


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